Life in color โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

Hudson Beach, FL

I’m back from Florida! The weather was a little cooler than I would have liked, but I didn’t allow that to stop me from taking a long, leisurely walk around the resort on the final day of my trip, or from going to Hudson Beach to visit my friend Jean on my last day. And, for the first time in a long time, I got to see green! I’m ready for all of this winter snow to melt away and for the grass to grow and the trees to leaf out again.

golf course at Saddlebrook Resort, Wesley Chapel, FloridaHudson Beach, FL

For several years, I’ve considered myself a minimalist. Anyone who knows me will tell you that every day I wear pretty much the same outfit every day: jeans, tennis shoes or flip fops, and a t-shirt or a hoodie. It’s easy since my work uniforms provide a consistency to that routine.

But even though my wardrobe is minimal, there’s a lot else in my life that isn’t minimal. I do love bright colors–pillows, tapestries, colorful quilts, pottery, picture books, decorations, flowers, etc. My current work is allowing me to explore my fascination with color in some pretty unique ways.

The problem with working at a paint company… heck, even just flipping through a design or lifestyle magazine… is that I get a lot of color envy. I see people who are painting their dining rooms vivid colors, who paint their bedroom with an ombrรฉ accent wall, or who turn their kitchen lemon yellow and think, Gosh… I wish I could do that in my apartment!

While in Florida I took a seminar on how to use Sherwin-William’s ColorSnap app. It’s been fun to play around with it and imagine what it would look like if I could paint my walls any color I want. And I’ve been having a BALL!

Once you open up the app, you can use it in several ways. You can scan the color numbers if you have the paint chips in front of you, or you can explore all the colors on the color wall, or match a color.

If you choose to explore color, you see all the colors Sherwin-Williams makes in their classic collections. (You can also use the app for Timeless and the Historic collections.) If you zoom into the wall using the two-finger pinch, you start to see the colors in room scenes and can navigate through everything from the living room to the exterior. If you save a color to your palate, you can then see it in all the stock room scenes and check out coordinating colors and change from night-to day-time views to see how lighting is going to impact the color. Pretty cool, right?

But my favorite thing to do is actually play around with the color match tool in the app. You can snap a photo anywhere–inside, outside, of a piece of clothing, of a cityscape–anything, and then use the app to select colors from that picture. Always admired the colors of the clouds? Love the way that the moon illuminates the night sky? You can literally paint your walls with that color.

Color Match

Drag the circle anywhere in the picture to pick up a color, and then when you’ve found the ones you want to use, turn it into a color swatch sheet using the share option (the little … button up at the top of the screen).

Color Selection Sheet
This minimalist loves maximum colors!

Bam. Who wants to help me paint?!

c. b. wag

(Bracelet is from The Elephant Pants, Bada beaded bracelet. They don’t make the rainbow one anymore, but they have a few other color schemes!)

P. S. You can use the iPad version of the ColorSnap app OR the web version to take a picture of a room in your house and apply the paint you like to the walls to see what it looks like!

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