Design Roundup

Dear Readers,

I’ve had a lot on my mind & plate lately so I wanted to keep this post light hearted & joyful. And what better way to do that than to share what has been inspiring me lately and helping me keep my sparkle? ✨


First on my design inspiration list is this beautiful scene styled by Katie Hackworth. She’s based out of Seattle, WA. I absolutely love the natural elements of this room: the natural wood chairs we see in the background, the marble circular table top, the floral arrangement adding soft life as a centerpiece… and then that gorgeous turquoise chandelier! I’m obsessed! I really want to know what it’s made out of. Katie tagged @jaysonhome and I went to the page but am not seeing the piece after some searching. If anyone finds out any more info, please pass it along!


And speaking of beautiful lighting, how about these beauties from @bohemianinteriors? There are none of these Turkish lamps in their shop (yet!), but I’m hoping to see them added soon.


Lately anything from Morocco has been making me press the like or save button on Instagram. These incredible rugs for sale in Marrakech are no different. Hugely jealous of Yvon and all the gorgeous shots shots she captured!


Not all Moroccan textiles are bold. This Pom Pom blanket by Rug & Weave is a little pricy for my tastes, but it has the minimalist in my almost reaching for my credit card.


And really, they don’t have to be from Morocco, either; maybe it’s just all woven textiles that have me ❤️ and save happy! 😄 These threads sourced from Indonesia. Huge fan of the rich blue colors!


I figured I should close with something practical I actually plan to do! A wide variety of pallet crate bed designs have been catching my eye for several months. When I got my first apartment in 2014, I didn’t have a bed. I slept on a futon given to me by a university professor. I loved that futon, but it didn’t love me. It didn’t provide the flexibility and support my back needed. So when friends of mine were moving to Texas and donated their old box spring and mattress, my back rejoiced. But I’ve never bothered with a bed frame. (Call me cheap; it’s fine!) But then I started seeing these pallet beds and I fell in love. I’ve seen all sorts (see A TON of AWESOME ideas here!) with storage built into the bottom, with Christmas lights underneath, painted, unpainted, tall and low… I love them all! This summer I plan to work on making one for myself. Stay tuned for progress on that DIY project this summer! In my next post, hopefully I’ll have a few additional projects to tease for you all.

Best, and much love,


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