The Opening Act of Spring

They say there is a calm after the passing of the storm
So I can dream of going back outside when the rain and thunder’s done.
—Frank Turner

Dear Readers,

The weather around this time of year is the. worst. It is so unpredictable. I talked to friends all over the country in February who had unseasonably warm days and weeks. Here in Michigan, I wore a light jacket a few days, and some days just a heavy winter cardigan. But now that it’s March, and spring is tantalizingly close, it seems miles farther than it did at the end of February. This is the opening act of spring: rain, snow, wind, cold, sun, and the palest of blue skies.

But it’s not too early to start dreaming of sun and flowers, is it?


Just look at all that green and pink!

Since the view outside of my window isn’t quite springy, I have been trying to surround myself with pieces that put me in a spring mood. Green has always been one of my favorite spring colors, particularly delicate shades of mint.

Abbot Collection Mint Green set
If I needed another tea set (which I don’t!) I’d snag this Abbot Collection Set.

Cup & saucer set with real 10K gold sells on Amazon for $24.00. The larger mug with gold rim & handle sells for $20.40. I’m still looking for the tea pot!

Speaking of sold, a nice, bright gold piece can really help put in in mind of the sun… especially when it looks like the sun!

Stratton Home Bella Mirror
Mirror by Stratton Home, model “Bella”

There are lots of tutorials online of how you can make something similar. I’m keeping my eye on this DIY Sunburst mirror tutorial that you can hang as a wall art or as a wreath.

Nothing quite says summer like pastels and gingham. Put them together and you can hear birds chirp and feel the sunshine! Snag a clearance set of 4 napkins from Pier1 before they’re out of stock!

Pier1 Napkins
Oh, what fun!

Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers. I was browsing the good ole Interwebs the other day and stumbled across this piece of cuteness: a spoon tulip garden stake. Make sure to snag one of these hand-made, made to order pieces of art for your garden this year. In the mean time, you can keep it inside in a tall vase before the real bulbs begin to bloom.

Tulip spoon

The blush color of cherry blossoms is huge this year: rose gold phones and accessories, acrylic dining chairs, these hugely springy honey-comb mixing bowls… and this sofa, to die for, for sale at Amazon for $471.58.

Novogratz Vintage Sofa (Amazon)
Nothing says spring like this sofa!

Want to paint using spring colors? Check out these oh-so-springy paint colors!

Spring ColorSnap palate

That’s all for this time! Check back on Easter for the next post.



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