Project Update: The D*mn Chest

For the first time this year, I skipped a blog post by failing to post a second time in June. I suppose that I ought to apologize for it, but, if I’m being honest, I didn’t have anything to say, and there’s nothing worse than reading something written by someone who had nothing to say… so, on balance, I’m not sorry at all! The weekend my blog post should have released, I spent on a brief road trip to Indianapolis to visit my wonderful cousin Natasha and a dear friend, Rachel.

Between road trips this summer, I have actually found some time to tackle one of my spring projects that I posted about back in April.

But before I give you my project report, here’s a bit of something else first.

It is July now, and I am participating in Plastic Free July. If you are interested in finding out more, make sure to follow me on Instagram. I’ll be Instagramming alternatives to plastic daily in July, and my mid-month post this month will be dedicated to Plastic Free July. If you have questions in the mean time, please visit the Plastic Free July website to learn more and participate with me!

And now, for my project update.

I painted my chest!

Damn Chest One
#SWColorLove #SW7719FrescoCream

Now, when I say I painted it, that’s a bit of an over statement and an understatement all wrapped into one brief sentence. The fact is, to clarify things, that I primed the chest (inside and out) twice, and then I applied two coats of paint to the same surfaces. This took me all together about two weeks of broken up evenings. And along the way, I learned a few lessons.

First lesson: You don’t need to prime anything twice. I primed my chest with two coats out of ignorance. After the first coat, I could still see a lot of wood through the prime, so I assumed that if I could see so much wood through the prime, I’d be able to see as much wood through the paint. That’s simply not true. The purpose of a prime coat is to promote inter-surface adhesion–basically, to give the paint something to stick to. If I had only primed once, the paint would have covered the bare wood just fine.

Second lesson, or more of a trick, really: Any time you are going to paint a project over the course of multiple days, your best friend is… *drumroll*… plastic wrap. I used a Purdy mini roller for both priming and painting as well as a foam brush. At the end of the day, I thoroughly rinsed both foam brush and the mini roller and then wrapped them up in plastic wrap. The water got almost all of the paint out of the brushes (since I used a water-based paint it was super easy to clean up!), but the plastic wrap over the brush surface kept the rollers fresh and springy for the next day. I rolled the brushes out over some rags to get the water out, and then reused them almost as if they were brand new.

Third lesson: Others shouldn’t be able to tell that you have painted after you have painted if you are painting well. Painting, like any job, can and ought to be done cleanly. In the past, I thought people should be able to tell that I had been painting. But I learned through this project that I could paint cleanly, if I took my time and was careful. I wore an old work t-shirt and leggings that I had used to paint in before and didn’t get a drop of primer or paint on my clothes.

So… that was explaining the overstatement of the sentence, “I painted my chest!” The way in which that was an understatement is… so… I painted it, but I think the project may have morphed. I may have decided that I also want to paint a stencil on the chest. Check this out and you’ll see why.

For now, I bought these stencils at JoAnn Fabrics and am trying to decide if I like them or if I want to order the kit from Michael’s.

Folk Art Stencil
Purchased from JoAnn Fabrics, Folk Art Stencils

IF I do stencil, I think I will pair Sherwin-William’s June color of the month Arugula (SW6446) and something pink… maybe Eros Pink (SW6860)… TBD.

So that’s what I have been up to! How are all of your spring and summer projects going? And what are your thoughts about the stenciling? Should I do it?


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