2020 Resolutions & ‘20s Goals

Dear Readers,

I almost always make resolutions. I’ve done very well sticking to them the past few years. As silly as it sounds, the goal I’m the most proud of that I’ve been able to stick to is making sure that all of the dishes get washed before Chris & I run out of spoons 😄

This year, since we are starting a new decade, I decided it might be a little better to think big-picture and write myself a list of goals to work on this decade as well. I find it’s helpful to make resolutions because resolutions help me to form habits; once good habits are formed, I can work toward goals more easily.

So without further ado, here are my Resolutions.

  • To create more (sewing, string art, DIY personal care and cleaning products, gifts)
  • To de-clutter, clean, and organize more effectively
  • To start to meal prep to make busy weeks easier
  • To maybe blog this year, which I failed to do last year 😬😬😬

And now, the Goals. These are things that in the past have been considered Resolutions but are now habits that I want to build on.

  • Health: To continue to be active and walk a lot, and hopefully next year’s average will be even closer to 10,000 steps per day (in 2019 my average was 8,577, which isn’t bad!)
  • Financial: to continue to be pro-active in saving, and to seek out the best interest rates for savings and checking accounts, and to stay 100% debt free (if at all possible)
  • Education: to continue my associates degree at OCC, to apply to U of M and pursue a B.S., and to get into grad school
  • Education & Finances: to be more pro-active in seeking out financial aid & scholarship opportunities
  • Relationships: to attend grad school closer to family (hopefully in the South!); to travel to Asia or Europe to visit my brother & sister-in-law
  • Home & Environment: To make more of an effort to reduce plastic waste associated with grocery shopping (lettuce, bread, bagels, apples, and cereal from Aldi all come in plastic bags). I’ve already gone plastic free in every other way that I can; affordable grocery shopping changes or prep at home alternatives are the last single-use plastic pitfall in my life.

What are your Resolutions & Goals? Or what was your most successful previous resolution success that you have built into a habit?


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