Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope that we will spend many enjoyable moments together.

My name is Camille Wagner. My background in contracting (plumbing & painting) have given me hands-on tools and experience in both the gritty and the pretty parts of design. I would describe my taste in design as a little bohemian, a little eclectic, a lot minimalism, and a little Asian (Indian and ancient South Korean). My favorite kinds of houses are always old houses with character, but I enjoy the challenge of bringing character to the new-kid-on-the-block houses, too. My goal in design, both for myself and for all clients, is to help you love your home and feel 100% confident in it–to make you so proud and happy of where you live that your Instagram-envy of all those other amazing houses or apartments disappears.

For fun, I like to walk in the woods and eat amazing, vegetarian or vegan food. I enjoy traveling to exotic places, reading good books, and buying local artisan items from craft vendors. I want to help people to live good, healthy, happy lives through effective altruism and strategic giving. I value sustainability, equality, honesty, integrity, and humility.


c. b. wag.