How to Win at Traveling

Plastic free travel kit

I. hate. flying. I hate the timing of getting to the airport at just the right time, the process of going through horrible security screenings (take off your shoes--forgot socks? too bad!) But this fall, I had to fly somewhere. So this time, I vowed it would be different. Here's what I learned, and how I now win at traveling! Click on the post title to read!

The Value of Self

Today I began the day with the intention of focusing on myself. On my value, my worth, and my happiness. Sadly, the more I focused on those things, the more I realized that lately, I had been devaluing those things--ignoring them, prioritizing the needs and wants of others over those of my own. Click on the post title to read my letter to myself.

Plastic Free July, Plastic-free Life

from Plastic Free July's Twitter feed

I don't know about you, but I like a good challenge. This month, I have been challenging myself to do something that is good for the earth: Plastic Free July. I've been preparing for this challenge for a while, actually, by investing in reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. I thought I would share some of the products I have found to help me do that. Click on the post title to read!

Room Makeover

Welcome to June! May went out with a bang for my family as we celebrated my little brother's high school graduation. We had quite a lot of fun redecorating the living room for his open house. Click the post title to check out what we did to make the family room a welcoming place to gather.